Once again I had the pleasure of meditating in my local centre this morning as part of the Lamrim Retreat.

The purpose of this meditation was to contemplate the benefits of cherishing others.

We began by making appropriate preparations for meditation, and then I went through the following contemplation:

All the happiness in the world comes from cherishing others. If we cherish others, painful feelings which arise from anger and jealously will not arise. Our relationships with others will be peaceful and harmonious. Our actions will become pure and beneficial, and our lives will become delightful and happy. Others will be happy around us, and our problems will disappear.

I thought about how I can cherish others, and it struck me that I should be cherishing other people equally and to the same extent. It seemed to me that I could almost treat all other people as if they were the same person. My attitude would not be different towards different people. I developed the strong feeling of cherishing all others as if they were the same person, and it seemed very possible and reasonable. Bearing in mind all the benefits of cherishing others, I tried to feel as though I was already cherishing others, and as the feeling became stronger, I focused on it. I tried to keep the feeling in mind, and when it faded, I went through the process again until it reappeared.


May I and all others learn to cherish all living beings without exception.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to cherish others as if they were the same person.