Today’s meditation was on the recognition that I have a precious human life.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then thought about how I allow so many distractions in my life (from my past) to interfere with my daily activities. I stead of focusing on the present moment, I think about things and people from my past. I need to let these things go. I need to cut these emotional toes to past events and past people. Dwelling on the does not affect them in any way whatsoever, but it harms me now.

At the moment I have a precious human life which I can use to receive Buddhas blessings, put Dharma into practice and to receive help from Sangha. It is my vehicle out of Samsara.

I imagined being able to use my life purely, free from all the damaging emotional ties of my past. It was blissful.


May all living beings resolve their unhelpful past emotional ties and use their lives fruitfully.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to identify and let go of my past negative emotional ties, and live on the present to use my precious human life for the benefit of all living beings.