The purpose of this meditation is to familiarise our mind with the practice of giving.

I engaged in the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then began by calling to mind some wisdom I heard on a podcast today. The point was made that we try to hoard wealth and possessions for ourselves, to give us some security in case of ‘a rainy day’. But how much is enough? There is never enough to guard us against all possible harms. And the sufferings of age, sickness and death are unavoidable regardless of what resources we have.

But if we all gave our resources to others we would not need to worry. Although we may have little ourselves, we will have the goodwill of others, who will care for us and provide what we need.

I thought about the practice of Giving. We can give love, material assistance, fearlessness and Dharma.

I imagined all my possessions passing to others – all my wealth passing to others – everything I call ‘mine’, gathered to make me feel secure – I imagined it all passing to others.

Then I imagined giving love, time, consideration, care, fearlessness and Dharma to others.

I felt like all I had left was my body and mind. Who can I give these to? I can give them to my Spiritual Guide. I can dedicate myself to working to achieve his wishes – the wish for all living beings to be free from suffering and to find permanent happiness.

I felt like I had given everything to others, and I was left with a feeling of complete peace and contentment, free from all worry and anxiety. It was lovely, and I focused on this feeling for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings see the deceptive nature of their gathered resources, and give them to others either mentally, or actually, for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to give effortlessly to others.