A little while ago, Luna Kadampa asked: What is a day for? As Buddhists we can answer that a day is for practicing virtue, avoiding non-virtue, and learning to control our mind. In practical terms, this means establishing good habits and abandoning bad ones.

However, most of us will be familiar with trying to establish a new habit, only to find that after a few days our enthusiasm has waned, and we falter.

Well here is something that could really help. I was recently told about a phone app called ‘lift‘. I can recommend this app wholeheartedly.

It works like this. You download the free app and then create an account. You can then create a list of daily habits to want to have. You can make your own up, or you can search for habits that other people are already doing, such as ‘meditate’. It is very convenient because it is phone-based, and we’ve always got our phone handy!

The great thing about the app is that you can tick when you have done your daily habit, so you quickly build up a personal record of your progress. The other great thing is that you are not alone! You are part of a large group of other people all trying to do the same thing, and that feels great. You can read comments from other people and like them. If you want, you can comment on your check-ins so others can share in your

So why not get the app and get serious about that daily meditation habit? At the same time you can add a few more good daily habit to work at like:

• go for Refuge
• generate Bodhichitta

And other such virtuous things, like engaging in the six perfections. Other great things to do could be:

• zero inbox
• spend quality time with my children
• read for 30 mins
• stretch / yoga
• talk to a stranger
• tell someone you love them
• give support or compliment someone.

I have been using the app for a little while now, and I feel SO PRODUCTIVE!

You never know, this may just be the ‘lift’ you need to transform every day of your life. And remember, how you spend each day is, of course, how you spend your life.

With love, Vide