As I was walking into work this morning, I was thinking of a line from Eight Verses of Training the Mind:

with a mind that sees all phenomena as illusory

This means that we should try to maintain an awareness of the illusory nature of everything we see. Although the things we see appear solid and findable, if we look carefully we find that they disappear. As I walked along the road, a fire engine went by, and I tried to see the wheels, the body, the ladder, the hoses – all the parts of the fire engine. As I took notice of all these parts, the fire engine itself disappeared – I could not see it at all.

In the same way, all phenomena are illusory. They do not exist in the way that they appear. This is important to realise because it is this mistaken view that leads to all our suffering and problems.

As I walked, I tried to see all phenomena as illusory, and I decided to take this as the object of my meditation later in the day.

This evening, I made the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then brought my walk to work to mind. I remembered the fire engine passing by, and how it disappeared when I began to take notice of its parts. In my mind, the engine disappeared and I was left contemplating the mere emptiness of the fire engine. It simply vanished. I let my attention focus on this emptiness for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings be freed from the bondage of mistaken appearance and conception.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to regard all phenomena as illusory, and use skillful means to keep a happy mind.