Today’s meditation was all about tranquil abiding.

I was thinking about all the awful things that happen in the world, and how they could so easily happen to me. What would I do in such circumstances? In samsara, there is not alot we can do. Death will come, pain and suffering will come, separation will come and annihilation will come. One way or the other, I need to be able to keep a clear focus when life becomes hard.

Following the appropriate preparations for meditation I focused on keeping a keen awareness of my mind, and trying to keep my attention focused on an emptiness and lack of thought. Whenever I realised I was engaged in a thought (they have a sneaky way of grabbing the steering wheel of my mind while I am not looking) I let it fall back into the ocean of my root mind, and reestablished a smooth and flat emptiness. I kept this up for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings perfect their meditation practice, and face pain without suffering and death without fear.

Practice in the Meditation Break

One of the things I keep rediscovering is the idea that for mindfulness in meditation to become better, mindfulness in the meditation break must improve too. So I will try to remain mindful, and appear to myself throughout the day.