Today’s meditation centred on how even in the hardest situations there is beauty.

There is an old story about a man who finds himself clinging to a vine over the edge of a cliff. He has been chased there by the hungry tiger above him. And below him is another Tiger bearing its teeth and roaring. As if that wasn’t bad enough two rats appear, one black, one white, and they begin to chew through the vine.

At that moment the man sees a strawberry growing on the face of the cliff. It is perfectly ripe and delicious looking. He reaches out and takes the strawberry. He bites into it, and tastes it and lets its exquisite flavour fill him.

We are like this man. We cannot go back to our past (up the vine) and we know our future holds suffering. But while we are here, now, we can see the beauty in the world, and savour it.

May we live in the moment, and use each one to practice love, patience and appreciation.