The purpose of this meditation was to develop a strong wish to attain freedom from self cherishing.

I began with the appropriate preparations for meditation and then I recalled all the disadvantages of self cherishing. How it ribs us of our self control and self respect. How it distorts our perceptions and makes us act in non virtuous ways. How it makes us create future suffering for ourself and how it causes us to suffer when we encounter difficulties. It binds us to samsara and closes the door to liberation to us.

I imagined self cherishing as an obsessive self concern. I imagined I could fly, but I could not enjoy flying because my self cherishing was constantly saying: ‘what if I fall? I am in danger!’ I imagined flying using my wings of wisdom and compassion, and leaving and doubts behind me. I trust the guru and the Dharma. I will just flap my wings and fly and trust them that I will be ok.

I felt light and happy, and I focused on the feeling and its meaning for the rest if the meditation.


May all living beings see the faults of self cherishing and abandon it without fear.

Practice in the meditation break

I will metaphorically fly.