The purpose of this meditation is to see what it feels like to abandon the judgement of others.

I began my making appropriate preparations for meditation and then thought about what it is like to be judgemental, and what effect it has on others. When I judge others, I am separating myself from them. I am looking at them and deciding judgewhether they are acceptable or not – whether their behaviour is acceptable or not. I am reserving my approval of them until I have seen evidence that they meet with my expectations. It prevents me being friendly or approving of them because I don’t want to have to change my mind later, when I find that they are unworthy of my friendship or approval. Also, it is an ongoing thing. They may be ok now, but who knows what they will to next… All these feelings of reserve and judgement create a tension and a distance which makes it difficult to love others and be relaxed with them.

By the same token, others can sense being judged. When we are being judged, we are tense and self-conscious. We may also be indignant. We are certainly not relaxed and not free to be ourselves.

I imagined my friends and work colleagues and went though each of them saying to them ‘I will never judge you’. With each one, I felt more relaxed and open. I was surprised by how relaxed and content I became. With each person, I became more balanced, loving and accepting. I felt extremely calm and balanced, and I realised how tense and unhappy being judgemental makes me.

I resolved to abandon judging others and felt like I was accepting of all living beings. They are safe from me. I will never judge them. I focused on this resolution for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings cherish others purely, without judgement.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to put my determination into practice.