The purpose of this meditation is to once again focus our mind in the meditation break on the wish to become enlightened though our intended actions.

pain 2I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then brought to mind all the suffering in the world. On YouTube I see videos of people abusing animals and other humans. What have these creatures done to deserve such treatment? And what is going on in the minds of those who are abusing them?

It is their karma that presents them with such situations, and it is delusions which makes them perform actions and suffer.

I will suffer too, much more than I do at the moment, and because of that I want to be free. I can see others suffering, and this is a sign that soon, I will suffer too. I wish to become free from samsara because I wish to be free from suffering.

But the suffering on myself is insignificant when compared to the suffering of all other living beings. I am only one person, whereas others are countless. Therefore not only must I attain freedom for myself – I must attain enlightenment so that I can free all living beings from their suffering permanently.

With this motivation, I focused on the wish to become an enlightened being for the benefit of all.


May all living beings find the wish to become enlightened for the benefit of all.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to be mindful of my Bodhichitta throughout all my actions today,