The purpose of this meditation is to focus on our Spiritual Guide being the method to prevent rebirth in the lower realms.

After making the appropriate preparations for meditation I focused on the fact that one of the advantages of sincerely relying upon our spiritual Guide is that we will be protected from rebirth in the lower realms.

I focused on what this might man practically. I decided that at the moment of death I need to keep my Guru at my heart, feeling as if I am mixed with him. With him in my mind, he will guide me to my next rebirth – all I need to do is to be able to ignore everything else that appears to be happening to me, and rely upon him.

I kept this in mind and felt completely safe and protected by him. It was a lovely feeling and I kept it as best I could in the meditation.


May all living beings find their protection.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will remember my Guide and hold him in my heart.