The purpose of this meditation was to generate a strong wish to rely upon the instructions of our Spiritual Guide because he is completely reliable.

Geshe-la BlessingsI began by making the appropriate preparations and then thought about the qualities of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Of all the people I know, he is the only person who has only ever told me the truth. He has worked tirelessly for the benefit of all living beings, and has revolutionised the presentation of Je Tsongkhapa’s holy Dharma, without changing its meaning. He has written many books all full of the most excellent advice on how to live a meaningful life. I have met people who have known him personally, and they are all deeply respectful and devoted to him.

Who else do I know like this? I know many people (either directly or through the media) but none of them can match my Spiritual Guide in terms of consistency of message and personal example.

I thought about how truly exceptional he is, and what this means in terms of how I should treat his Dharma. I should listen carefully, and try to bring his Dharma into my heart. I should practice his instructions from my heart and not just from my mouth.

I focused on this wish, based on the recognition of the many special qualities of my Spiritual Guide, and meditated on them for this session.


May all living beings find their Spiritual Guide, and practice his or her Dharma from their hearts.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to put his Dharma into practice from my heart.