The purpose of this meditation is to believe that reliance upon our Spiritual Guide will fulfil all our wishes.

When I first read this many years ago, I thought that my Spiritual Guide would get me a new car, better job and more money. Because those were the kinds of things I wished for at the time.

But I came to realise that these things are just the froth on top of our deeper wish to find true permanent happiness. We realise that true happiness comes from love for others, and driven by this love, we attain freedom from suffering for their sake.

Our Spiritual Guide leads us to temporary and permanent happiness. He shows us how to overcome our worldly problems by controlling our mind, leading us to temporary happiness. He then shows us how to attain permanent liberation from all our sufferings: permanent happiness.

I focused on the thoughts ‘reliance on my Spiritual Guide will lead me to temporary happiness; reliance upon my Spiritual Guide will lead me to permanent happiness. My Spiritual Guide will fulfil all my wishes.’

When a blissful feeling of centred happiness arose, I focused on it.


May all living beings find happiness.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will rely upon my Spiritual Guide’s instructions.