Firstly, thank you for following my Blog, Daily Lamrim. I truly appreciate your taking an interest in Buddhism, and in Kadampa Buddhism in particular.

atisha-1The Kadampa presentation of Buddha’s teachings is very special and very precious. They originated with Buddha Shakyamuni and were passed to various supreme meditation masters thoughout the centuries. At one time, the spread of these teachings meant that it was very unlikely that one person would have the resources to receive teachings on the whole path to enlightenment, because it would mean travelling extensively and meeting many teachers. One man did this – the incomparable and sublime Buddhist Master Atisha. He completed the task of receiving all the wisdom and compassion instructions of Buddha, and also the very rare and precious Tantric instructions. Later, he presented this complete and unmistaken path to others in the form of the precious Lamrim instructions. These instructions are very special. Not only do they include every single teaching given by Buddha, but they explain how all these instructions support and depend upon each other. In a few very simple teachings, the entire path to liberation and enlightenment is presented.

These teachings have been guarded carefully throughout the intervening time, passed down from realised master to realised master, until now, at this time, we have the great good fortune to have the opportunity to learn, contemplate and meditate on them.

I cannot believe our good fortune.

However, I must suspend my disbelief, because it is true. This precious path to enlightenment is in our hands right now, and our supreme Spiritual Guide has dedicated his life to delivering it to us in a presentation we can understand easily.

Now is the time to practice sincerely. Now is the time to put Dharma into practice. Now is the time to cherish all living beings as our father or our mother. Now is the time to realise the true nature of phenomena, and free ourselves from samsara.

Join me and together we can travel this path. Come with me!

Finally, I want to announce a new approach in the presentation of Daily Lamrim. From now on, I shall do the precious human life meditation on the first of the month. I shall do the death and impermanence meditation on the second of the month and so on. Towards the end of the month, I shall spend several days emphasising Bodhichitta and emptiness. Then I shall meditate on precious human life once more on the first of the following month.

I hope this meets with your approval, and helps you to join me in my – our – meditations.

Lets get to work!

Love, Vide Kadampa.