The purpose of this meditation is to develop the sincere wish to be free from samsara.

Wikimania_2012_-_Rock_drum_-_99_problemsI began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then thought about how we all have problems. So many problems, and no matter how hard we try to solve them, we are never free from them. Ultimately, the source of all our problems is our uncontrolled rebirth into contaminated aggregates. Our body and our mind are our aggregates into which we have been born in this life. Our aggregates are contaminated by our delusions from past lives. They are the basis for our suffering, and while we have them, we will never be free from suffering.

I thought about this and contemplated:

Until I am free from samsara, I will experience suffering and problems. Therefore I need to free myself from samsara.

I focused on this wish until I felt a strong wish to be free from samsara, and then I placed my mind upon it for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings correctly identify the true source of their problems, and free themselves from their samsara.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try always to remember my wish to be free from samsara.