The purpose of yesterday’s meditation was to generate the strong belief the all living beings have been my mother.

I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then reminded myself about the principal causes of things. The principal cause of a thing is of the same nature as the thing itself. The principal causes of a cake are its ingredients, which are of the same nature as the cake. I cannot make a cake out of stones. All phenomena are like this. The are caused by things that are of the same nature as themselves. What then of the mind? The mind is a succession of thoughts. The main cause of one thought is the preceding thought. Other factors contribute, but nothing can produce a thought other than the thought of the previous moment.

My mind is a continuum of thought, and all the phenomena that appear to it are just that – appearances. As I go through life, many things appear to me, and at the end of my life, my death will appear to me. When I go to sleep, my normal body stops appearing to me, and dream bodies and other dream objects appear to me. When I wake up, my waking body appears to me. When I die, my waking body will stop appearing to me, and the body of my next life will appear to me. My mind will continue after my death because my body is not the main cause of my mind.

I will have a mother in my next life, and I have had a mother is all my previous lives. Where are all these mothers now? They are all the living beings around me now.

I contemplated:

Because my mind is a continuum of thought, I can be certain that all living beings are my mother.

I slowly felt more and more settled that all living beings are my mother. The recognition was the object of my meditation yesterday.

Today’s meditation was remembering the kindness of my previous mothers. I imagined being a tiny baby, helpless. My mother fed me, cleaned me, cared for me and loved me. She tickled me and made me giggle. She spent time with me and loved me. I felt so grateful for her kindness. I then brought to mind my firm recognition from yesterday that all living beings are my mother.

They cannot recognise me because our appearances have changed. Geshe-la tells a story in Joyful Path of Good Fortune in which a mother visits a monastery to find the son she sent there many years before. She could not recognise him and another monk introduced them. When she found him, she wept. I can imagine the scene. Her eyes would settle on her son and she would feel all the love from the intervening years well up insider her. She would run to him and take him in her arms. She would hold his face in both hands and look into his eyes. She would hug him and tell him how she loved him more than her own life.

If our mothers could recognise us now, they would do the same. They would look at us, and say – is it you? They would hold us and tell us that they love us more than than life itself.

They have been so kind to us in the past, and they would be so again if they only knew.

I contemplated:

The love of my mothers lives on in their hearts, given to me when I was their child. They have been so kind to me.

I meditated on the feeling of being loved by all living beings, and felt protected and loved.


May all living beings recognise that everyone else is their mother, and remember their kindness.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember that my mothers are right here, and they would show their love if only they knew.