The purpose of this meditation is to generate a lovely feeling of cherishing all living beings without even a trace of self-cherishing.

lightI began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then began by imagining myself as a sphere filled with darkness except for a time bit of light at the very top. The darkness is my self-cherishing, which fills me. The light is my capacity for cherishing others.

To follow the Buddhist path to enlightenment, we do not need to abandon our family, our possessions or go to live in a remote cave. All we need to do is change the object of our cherishing from ourself to others. The reason we do not have much capacity to cherish others is that we are so preoccupied cherishing ourself. As our self-cherishing decreases, our capacity to cherish others will increase. To do this we consider how kind others have been to us, and the benefits of cherishing others, together with consideration of the disadvantages of self-cherishing.

I contemplated the points above, and imagined my capacity for cherishing others growing as my self-cherishing diminished. Slowly the sphere was filled with light and the darkness was driven away. Eventually the sphere was completely filled with the light of my capacity for cherishing others. Though cherishing others I will be able to attain the ultimate, supreme goal of Buddhahood, and be able to lead all living beings to the same exalted state.

I contemplated:

Cherishing myself is the cause of all suffering, whereas cherishing others is the cause of ultimate happiness. Therefore I must completely change the object of my cherishing from myself to others.

I thought about this, and it became obvious that other living beings are, in fact, the doorways to enlightenment. Each living being I meet or think about is a doorway to enlightenment. I will cherish them sincerely, and day by day, pass through the doorways to enlightenment. I felt like I was radiating light of cherishing on all living beings, with the understanding that I will become enlightened through this cherishing. It was lovely, and I focused on this feeling for the rest of the meditation.


For Lloyd.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will cherish everyone I meet and think about, recognising them as the doorways to the ultimate supreme goal.