Todays meditation was all about compassion.

I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then thought about the roots of compassion. The stronger we can make our cherishing of others, the stronger our compassion will be. I focused on my wish to cherish others, and then thought about how they have to suffer the pain and tragedy of samsara. If it were for just one life this would not be so bad. But living beings have to live life after life, suffering throughout each one. It seemed to me like a treasured child being tortured before our eyes again and again. We would find such a situation completely unbearable. This is how we should feel when we feel compassion for suffering beings trapped in the prison of samsara.

I contemplated:

I cannot bear the suffering of mother beings, tortured by the sufferings of samsara again and again in life after life.

I focused on the feeling of wishing them to be free from their suffering.


May all living beings be freed from their suffering.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will see the suffering of others, and wish them sincerely to be free – thinking especially of those people and animals in the Philippines and the moment.