The purpose of this meditation is to take on the suffering of all living beings.

I began with the appropriate preparations for meditation and then brought to mind my cherishing of all living beings. They are the doorways out of samsara. When I think of them, I am filled with great gratitude and cherishing love. Then I thought of how they suffer, and how unbearable it is – how many tears!

I brought to mind my friend, and pulled out his suffering in the form of black smoke. It left him, and he was free from his suffering. I brought the smoke into my heart, and destroyed my self-cherishing mind completely. I then brought in all the sufferings of all other living beings in the form of black smoke. Although my self-cherishing mind was destroyed, I still brought the smoke into its traces and destroyed them too.

Then all living beings were free from suffering, and my self-cherishing mind was completely destroyed. I felt like I had no ‘I’ at all. With no self-cherishing, I felt as if my I was completely irrelevant. I felt like all that existed was others – others to cherish and to lose myself in. It was lovely, and I focused on it for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings be free from their sufferings.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I shall lose myself in others.