The purpose of this meditation is to try and improve our mental stability.

book-esh-frnt_4I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then began by selecting my object of meditation. I have been listening to Eight Steps to Happiness recently, and a particular passage struck me today as being very important. In the text, Geshe-la says that if we find that our love for someone diminishes when they do something we do not like, it is a sign that our love for them is not pure. If we had pure love for them – love which was uncontaminated by any thought of ourselves – then it would not matter what the other person did; we would love them regardless.

It is a wonderfully practical indicator for us to use in our everyday lives. If someone we say we love does something like insults us or maybe just treats us in a way we don’t care for, how do we feel? Do we feel differently towards them? Do we even feel annoyed with them? These are indicators that our love is mixed with attachment, and is not pure.

I contemplated:

I want to have pure, uncontaminated love for all living beings.

As I contemplated this wish, I felt like I could be perfectly happy all the time. I could enjoy the feeling of being in love all the time, and I would never fall out of love, because the love came from my own side, rather than being dependent upon the actions or presence of another person. I felt like nothing could diminish my love and therefore my happiness. I focused on this feeling of very stable love for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings establish pure uncontaminated love in their hearts.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will watch my heart, and see how my feelings for others can be blown this way and that by how they act, what they say and even what I think they may be thinking.