The purpose of this meditation is to strengthen the realisation that living beings have no faults.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then reminded myself that one of the reasons I cannot cherish others purely is that they appear to have faults, and I pay fountain-of-lightattention to these faults.  By paying attention to their faults, I develop aversion for living beings, and I cannot develop a cherishing love for them.

Although it may seem that living being have faults, what I actually perceive is their delusions, and delusions are parts of living beings’ minds, not living beings themselves. Living beings themselves have no faults.

We say that the sea water is salty, but the taste of water is not salty – it is the salt in the water that gives it its taste. We can become used to the idea of sea water being salty, and forget that it is the salt that give it its taste. But its saltiness is not an intrinsic quality of the water itself. In a similar way, the delusions of living beings are not intrinsic parts of living beings.

I developed the wish to see the pure living beings behind their delusions, and it seemed to me that their delusions were like smoke which blew away, revealing living beings like gold – pure and uncorrupted. I focused on this understanding and felt very close to all living beings.


May all living beings be free from delusions, and may their Buddhanature flourish.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember that living beings have no faults.