The purpose of this meditation is to develop a sincere wish to cherish others.

I engaged in the appropriate preparations for meditation and then began by contemplating as follows:

Other living beings have been so kind to me. All the things I make use of in this world have been provided or supplied by the kindness of others. Even those that I have had no contact with were still my mother in a past life, so it is true that all living beings are very kind.

Just as I long to be happy and free from suffering, so do all other living beings – I am just like them.

There are countless living beings, whereas I am only one. My happiness is inconsequential when compared to the happiness of all living beings, therefore to create the most happiness I should work for the happiness of others.

Contemplating in this way it seemed to me that is was only natural and right to repay the kindness of others, who have been so very kind, and to devote myself to all living beings. I focused on this wish for the rest of the meditation


May all living beings find happiness in cherishing others.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember the kindness of others, and cherish them.