The purpose of this meditation is to strength our good feelings and love for others, and to oppose those stupid, damaging feelings of self-cherishing.

forestI began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then started by remembering that although we may be very intelligent, we lack wisdom. We follow our self-cherishing instinct and use our intelligence to work on samsara to find happiness. But if we had the wisdom we would see that happiness cannot be found in samsara. Self-cherishing actually makes us stupid because it leads us to be unhappy with our current situation and impels us to act in harmful ways which just cause us more suffering in the future.

Cherishing others on the other hand leads to immediate and permanent happiness. Cherishing others lets our wisdom flourish as we see from our own experience that the more we cherish others the happier we become.

I contemplated:

Stupid is as stupid does. Self-cherishing makes us stupid because it makes us create suffering for ourselves in the future, and only a stupid person would do that. On the other hand, cherishing love for others brings us pure and immediate happiness and leads to the permanent happiness of enlightenment.

I contemplated the truth of this again and again, and I felt a determination to stop the stupidity of self-cherishing, and to simply love others. It was a lovely feeling, and I bathed in it for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings not be stupid no more.

Practice in the Meditation Break

Whenever I feel self-cherishing arising in my mind, I will try to identify it, and firmly face it and avert it.