The purpose of this meditation is to remember death and focus on what it feels like to understand that death will definitely come to me.

Buddha ShakyamuniI began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then started by remembering that everyone dies. Everyone dies. Everyone – including me – dies. I kept repeating that everyone dies, including me.

I thought about what happens when I die. When I die, all the things that I have worked for will go – disappear – fade. In fact, if I know I am dying, almost all the worldly things I have worked for over my life will no doubt have already become dry and uninteresting.  But there is more. As I die I will be separated from my home, my loved ones, my body – even my identity. When faced with this realisation, it seemed to me that all my endeavours, my obsessions and my desires were illusionary. If they can fade so completely at death, were they ever real?

I contemplated:

If all the worldly concerns I have can fade away so completely at my death, how can I think that they are solid, real and worthwhile. In fact these worldly concerns are false and hollow. The only thing that really matters is my actions, which live on after my death, so I will abandon the eight worldly concerns and focus on dharma.

I repeated this until I was completely certain that there was no point in being attached to worldly attainments, and that only my actions mattered. I focused on this realisation for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings see that death destroys everything, and only Dharma is worthwhile.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try my best to remember that worldly attainments are hollow, and only Dharma matters.