The purpose of this meditation is to firmly decide to turn to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and the mulled over how I will die and that when I do I will probably take lower rebirth. Where can I go to escape death? Where can I go to avoid the sufferings of lower realms?
I need to find protection from this fate.
I need to go for refuge to Buddha, and receive his blessings. I need to build Dharma Jewels in my mind, and I need to make effort to receive the assistance of the Sangha. I focused on the idea of going for refuge.
I felt very happy and confident as I contemplated what I need to do. There is a way forward.
May all living beings find refuge.
Practice in the Meditation Break
I will try to bear my determination in mind, and remind myself that I have a way available to me to avoid the suffering of the lower realms.