The purpose of this meditation is to remember the kindness of all living beings.

I began with the appropriate preparations for meditation and then brought to mind my meditation of yesterday where I thought of all other living beings, and how they have been my mother in past lives. I thought of how kind they were to me then, and how kind the are to me now.

power stationWhat does it mean when we say someone is kind? It means simply that we benefit from their actions. It does not matter if they intended to help us – their motivation is irrelevant. In any case, we cannot know for sure what their motivations are, even if we think we know. The main point is that their actions have benefited us. This makes them kind.

As I sat in meditation, hundreds of people around the country were involved in ensuring that gas and electricity were being supplied to my house, powering the heating and the lights. And the people who cooked the breakfasts of those workers were essential to them working efficiently for my benefit. And so on. In fact if we think about this logically, we can see that there is an interwoven web of kindness between all living beings. We cannot exist without the kindness of others.

I contemplated:

All living beings are supremely kind because I benefit either directly or indirectly from their actions. How kind they are!

I thought about this point, and felt like all living beings were shining lights of kindness throughout the world, lighting up the dark with their kindness. It was a lovely feeling of being part of a world of kindness – visible only to those with eyes to see.


May all living beings see the kindness of others.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will remember how kind others are, and respect them as a servant would.