The purpose of this meditation is to generate a feeling of having attained the six perfections.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then reminded myself of my wish to free all living beings from their suffering, and to give pure everlasting happiness to them. How can I possibly do this? It seems ridiculous to suggest such a MANJUSHRI STATUE Athing could be possible. And it is impossible – for my ordinary self – the self I normally see – to achieve this. But my pure Buddhanature, when completely freed from delusions, WILL be able to do this.

How, then, to free my Buddhanature? I shall engage in the six perfections of a Bodhisattva – the perfections of giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, mental stabilisation and wisdom. I thought about how these practices will eliminate my attachment and my aversion, leaving me peaceful and balanced.

By practising giving, I will be training myself in the view that no possessions are inherently mine. If I can be prepared to give away everything that I own, without a split second’s hesitation, I will have overcome my attachment.

By practising moral discipline, I will again dispel my attachment, because I will not be attracted to non-virtue. I will not see the bodies and possessions of others as ‘containing’ happiness, but as mere appearances. Through this I will be free of attachment.

By practising patience I will overcome my aversion. I will recognise that unpleasant things and situations are not inherently unpleasant, and thus there is no need to develop aversion.

By practising effort I will overcome my aversion to spiritual practice. My spiritual practice will become delightful and I will be drawn to it rather than to worldly concerns.

By practising mental stabilisation I will overcome both attachment and aversion, for in this state of complete absorption objects of attachment and aversion do not appear.

And by practising wisdom I will see the true nature of all phenomena is illusory, and so my logic will make it plain to me that attachment and aversion are non-sensical responses.

I imagined practising the six perfections and overcoming my attachment and aversion:

Through my practice of the six perfections, together with my sincere wish to free all living beings from the repeated sufferings of samsara, I will eliminate my attachment and aversion, become an enlightened being  and then fulfil my wish.

As I contemplated, a very settled feeling came over me. I felt completely free from the pain of attachment and aversion, and completely able to free all living beings from their suffering. I rested in this feeling for the rest of the session.


May all living beings be free from samsara’s suffering.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will remember how good it feels to be free from attachment and aversion, and try to examine my mental continuum throughout all my actions, and as soon as either of these enemies arises, firmly face them and avert them.