The purpose of this meditation was to explore the idea of definitely dying.

I began with the appropriate preparations and then said to myself that I will definitely die. There is nowhere I can go to avoid death. Even if I go far into space in a ship, or down into the centre of the earth, there is nowhere where death will not find me.

When death comes, everything will disappear. Everything and everyone I know will disappear. All the things I work for and chase will go. I will not even remember them. Even their memories will disappear.

I focused on these points and then seted into a very balanced feeling of everything being not worth getting upset about. Since they will disappear in the end, why get too upset?

I focused on this feeling as the object if my meditation.


May all living beings realise that death is inescapable.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to always remember that death is inescapable.