The purpose of this meditation is to generate a wish to make all my activities my spiritual practice.

BeachI began with the appropriate preparations for meditation and then started by remembering that I will definitely die. What will I think of when I am dying? No doubt, I will think about how I have lived my life. Will I remember a life full of wasted opportunities to practice Dharma? That would be my worst fear.

What shall I do? I developed the firm determination to make every activity a Dharma Practice.

As Geshe Chekhawa says in Training the Mind in Seven Points:

There are two activities: one at the beginning and one at the end.

This means that we can begin each activity by developing the motivation of Bodhichitta, and we can end each activity with a dedication of our merit.

In writing this post for example, I can begin by generating the wish to become an enlightened being so that I can free all living beings from their suffering, and I can end the activity with a dedication that the merit I have generated goes to the fulfilment of my Bodhichitta wish.

I made the firm determination to begin all my activities with a rememberance of my Bodhichitta wish, and to end them with a dedication to the freedom and happiness of all living beings. I focused on this for the rest of the meditation.


I wish that all living beings be freed from their suffering and experience everlasting happiness.

Practice in the Mediation Break

I will try to put my determination into practice. If I can hold Bodhichitta motivation in my heart throughout all my actions, I will be able to fulfil my wish – I am tired of being defeated by my delusions.