The purpose of this meditation is to generate the wish to purify my negative karma and to accumulate only virtue.

karmaI began with the appropriate preparations for meditation and then reminded myself that my actions are the cause of all my experiences. My experiences today are the result of all the actions I have performed in the past. This body and this world are the direct manifestation of my karmic seeds.

At the end of my life everything I perceive will disappear and what replaces it depends on my karma. At the moment I have huge amounts of negative karma waiting to ripen. I need to purify it. I also have the capacity to create much positive karma before I die. I need to only perform positive virtuous actions.

As I contemplated these points, I realised that I really – really – need to focus on purification practice. I remembered that I used to use my daily lamrim practice as a purification practice by making special preparations beforehand and a special dedication at the very end. I decided to begin this practice once more.

Essentially, before my Heart Jewel practice begins, I take a few moments to generate the wish to engage in purification of my negative karma. I develop faith in the Three Jewels, and sincere regret for all the negative karma I have created in the past. I then engage in the daily practice of Heart Jewel as my specific virtuous action which acts as the antidote. After the practice of Heart Jewel, I make a special dedication that all my negative karma is destroyed by my virtuous act, and promise to restrain myself from any further negative actions. I have never been shown this way of practising, but it makes sense to me.

I focused on the wish to purify all my negative actions as the object of my meditation.


May all living beings decide to purify their negative actions, and create only virtuous actions.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember my decision tomorrow, and act virtuously today.