The purpose of this meditation is to generate a deep understanding of the unsatisfatoriness of samsara.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation.

I then contemplated:

When bad things happen to me I should not be surprised because unsatisfactoriness is the nature of samsara. When good things happen to me I should remember that they will not last because impermanence is the nature of samsara. Until I attained liberation I shall experience suffering and disappointment constantly in life after life without end.

After a while of contemplating these points I developed a sincere wish to attain liberation from samsara and bring my disappointment and suffering to an end. I focused on this wish as my object of meditation.


Through the virtues I have collected by doing this meditation may I add all living beings quickly attain liberation from samsara.

Practice in the meditation break

I will make a special note of good things that happen to myself and others and remind myself that these could conditions will not last. I will make a special note of the bad things that happened to me and to others and take them as a sign that samsara is contaminated.