The purpose of this meditation is to generate a warm and friendly feeling toward all living beings.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then settled down to think about three groups of people. The three groups were my friends my enemies and people I do not know. These groups do not exist from their own sides. They are all composed of people and these people are my friends my enemies or strangers based on how I think about them. If I see people as my enemy they are definitely my enemy: if I see people as my friends are definitely my friends. Furthermore I change the labels I give to these people so sometimes my friends become enemies and my enemies become my friends. There is no permanence to these labels.

I contemplated the above points and was reminded of the story I saw on Facebook earlier today.

A woman sees two dogs going into a room one after the other. The first dog goes in and then after a while comes out happy and wagging its tail. By contrast the second dog goes in later and comes out snarling and angry. The woman wonders what could be in the room that makes one dog happy and the other dog angry. She looks in the room and finds that it is full of mirrors. The first dog is happy, and finds itself surrounded by happy friendly dogs. The second dog is angry and finds itself surrounded by angry dogs.

So for this meditation I focused on the idea that by being friendly and warm to others we find ourselves surrounded by warm and friendly people. I developed a warm friendly feeling like I was thinking about a dear friend. I felt lovely warm glow developing my heart. I focused on this feeling as my object of meditation.


May living beings develop equanimity

Practice in the meditation break

I will try to maintain a feeling of warmth and friendliness towards everyone I meet