The purpose of this meditation is to develop affectionate love for other living beings.

I began with the appropriate preparations for meditation and then started by calling to mind the contemplation:

raiseWhen they were my mother living beings showed me extreme kindness. Even when they were not my mother of that life, they showed me great kindness and I have benefitted from their actions. My general education, my spiritual education, and all my attainments from my initial realisations through to full enlightenment are all due to the kindness of others. How kind the are!

I contemplated these points and it seemed to me that everyone I meet is helping me right now in one way or another. Some are showing me excellent examples of how to be a pure spiritual practitioner (Kelsang Pagpa, Kadampa Ryan and Luna Kadampa to name but three who you can also follow). Some are showing me how deluded states of mind cause misery and upset. Some are giving me instructions on Dharma through their natural good nature. And some are allowing me to practice by providing me with amazing technology (iPhones and playlists and CDs of meditations etc.).

As I thought about all the people around me, and how they are all helping me in my life, I realised that in reality they are all helping me to attain enlightenment. I felt like they were all one massive mountain, growing higher and higher, and bearing me on top of them, lifting me up towards enlightenment. I felt so grateful and happy. I found myself smiling and developing the most pleasant warm and affectionate feeling towards them.

When this feeling was strong, I focused on it as the object of my meditation. Lovely.


May all living beings see those around them for what they really are – their friends.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to keep this lovely feeling of affectionate love for everyone I meet and think about – what a wonderful feeling.