Yesterday’s meditation was on equalising self and others.

Today’s meditation was on the disadvantages of self-cherishing. I performed the appropriate preparations for meditation and then started by recalling that self-cherishing is the root of many delusions. The mental faults of pride, anger, jealousy, covetousness, malice and many more come from our basic self-cherishing.

I contemplated:

It naturally seems that self-cherishing is essential to my wellbeing, but in fact self-cherishing damages me continually. Driven by my self-cherishing, I hold anger and distrust in my heart, overwhelmingly concerned for my own safety, security and pleasure. If I can abandon self-cherishing then all these other harmful and wasteful concerns will evaporate, and I will be free to be myself, rather than protecting myself.

I ran through the contemplation repeatedly and came to the resolution that I must definitely abandon self-cherishing so that I can simply be myself – free from fear and harm.


May all living beings cast off the heavy weight of self-cherishing and be free to be simply themselves.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will remember my wish to be free from self-cherishing.