The purpose of this meditation is to completely fill our mind with cherishing love.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then started by contemplating:

If I cherish others, immediately many of my problems will disappear. How can I develop hatred, jealousy or attachment to people if I value them for themselves, and wish only for them to be happy and free from suffering. My relationships will improve as people recognise that in me they have a true friend, uninterested in using them. I will be at peace with the world. Furthermore, because I do not engage in negative actions, I will not create negative karma and my future will be happy.

I contemplated these points and decided to visualise the members of my family one by one. I then imagined my work colleagues one by one. I addressed each of them and I told them that I cherish them for who they are, and their freedom and happiness are very very important to me.

I felt very good – blissfully happy and permeated with good positive feelings of love and happiness. I felt these feeling spread out throughout the whole world. It was lovely. When the feeling was firm, I focused in on it, remembering that its cause was the cherishing love I hold for others in my heart.


May all living beings learn to cherish others.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will put my determination into practice.