The purpose of this meditation is to generate the feeling of emptiness of all phenomena – beginning with a contemplation of the emptiness of a song.

notesI began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then contemplated:

I find some songs very meaningful. Simply the melody and its interaction with the chords and harmonies. There is definitely something there which appears to be more than just the sum of its parts.

I thought about this and developed a clear understanding of how a song appears to exist ‘out there’ within the sounds of the piano.

I then contemplated:

There is nothing about these sounds that makes the song I hear. The individual notes are not the song and my response is completely dependent upon my conscious mind. There is no song ‘out there’. There IS a song, which moves me to tears, but it is simply my imputation upon sound. It has to be this way, otherwise other people would feel the same way about a few keys being hit on a piano.

I focused on the idea that this song – so moving and meaningful – is completely empty of the inherent existence it appears to have. I felt like the song and its meaning dissolved into clear light, and I was left with all the richness and meaning of the song while seeing only its emptiness. I rested in this feeling for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings see the true nature of phenomena.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will practise my tune on the piano – All my Loving – and enjoy its simple, aching beauty while remembering that it is completely empty of inherent existence.