The purpose of this meditation is to gain familiarity with the feeling of emptiness of my body.

I made appropriate preparations for meditation and then began by imagining my body.

My body is getting older, losing its youth, becoming fatter and more hairy. It is too heavy.

I focused on this body and how real and solid it appears. When I search for my body all I can find are the parts of my body. The body that I normally see disappears completely to be replaced by its parts. I briefly thought about the problems the police would have if they engaged in this kind of search for a body.

I thought about how is my body disappears the problems associated with my body also disappear. Ageing and sickness can be recognised as problems of the body and because the body does not exist these problems do not exist either.

I focused on the feeling of my body and all its problems not existing and felt a great freedom. I took this freedom as my object of meditation and focussed on it for the rest of the session.


May all living beings realise the true nature of the body.

Practice in the meditation break

I will try to remember the emptiness of my body