The purpose of this meditation is to focus on the emptiness of pain.

I settled my mind and then focused on how pain appears to the mind. Both physical and mental pain are essentially unpleasant feelings. Although we may believe that these feelings are caused by external phenomena in fact these feelings arise from my own mind. They exist for us for so long as we entertain them as an object of our attention.

Pain disappears the moment we are distracted from it.

We can think as follows:

Where is this pain that I feel? If we search for the pain we cannot find it. It is a mere appearance to mind and if we recognise its emptiness inherent existence it will fade and disappear completely


Although I was not in any great pain during my meditation I focused on the emptiness of all sensation and found myself mixed with spacelike emptiness. I focused on this feeling as the object of my meditation.


May all living beings develop the strength of concentration necessary to overcome all pain.

Practice in the meditation break

I will continue to try to recognise all phenomena as being illusory.