The purpose of this meditation is to develop a blissful feeling of cherishing others.

I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then began contemplating the benefits of cherishing others.

I contemplated:

Cherishing others makes life simple . By cherishing others we simply experience happiness. We are protected from the unhappiness of experiencing anger, jealousy and attachment.

As I contemplated the above reasoning it seemed to me that cherishing others is a true cause of happiness. A true cause of happiness cannot cause unhappiness. In the same way as the sun can
be called a true cause of light, cherishing others is a true cause of happiness. Just as the sun never brings darkness, cherishing others never brings unhappiness.

I developed a strong wish to cherish others and focused on it as the object of my meditation.


May I and all living beings experience unchanging happiness through cherishing others.

Practice in the meditation break

I will enjoy a simple life protected from unhappiness by the mind the cherishes others.