The purpose of this meditation is to generate strong wish to become a Buddha the benefit of all.

I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then began I am running through the great scope. When I had generated Bodhichitta firmly I took it as the object of my meditation.

I remembered something is Abby D Citron had written on Facebook recently. She said that by doing things anonymously for others one can engage in virtuous actions purely and without pride. I mixed this idea with my Bodhichitta and realised that I can strive to become a Buddha without anybody else knowing what I’m doing. By practising in secret I can overcome wish to experience gratitude.

Therefore the object of my meditation was the wish to anonymously become a Buddha for benefit of all.


May all living beings become Buddhas.

Practice in the meditation break

I will remember my Bodhichitta wish and be happy in my anonymity.