Today’s meditation concerned renunciation. I imagined a dark boulevard littered with broken, successful people. These people had achieved great things in their lives. They were wealthy, powerful and influential. But they knew, as I did, that it was hollow. The happiness they were looking for was still not theirs.

As I walked they asked me ‘what more do I need to do?’ and ‘where did I go wrong?’

The truth was that in Samsara all our dreams are broken in the end. The happiness we seek cannot be found in worldly possessions or attachment.

I imagined an alley flooded with light, and walked towards it. It represented liberation through emptiness and the eradication of delusions. I bathed in the light – the wish to be free from samsara.

May all living beings be free – spiritually free – free from delusions and free from suffering.

I will remember this wish, and how in samsara, all our wishes are broken in the end.