The purpose of this meditation is to generate the recognition that all living beings are my mother.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation, and then commenced by meditation by reminding myself that my mind is a continuum of thoughts. When I look for my mind, I cannot find anything at all, and yet the flow of continuity through my thoughts appears to be a solid, independent thing called a mind.

My mind experiences appearances constantly. It appears birth; it appears days and nights, friends and enemies, mothers and children. It appears death. And like waking from a dream, it will appear birth, and a new life. The flow of my mind through these appearances is like a wave moving though water. No constant part of water is the wave, and yet the wave is identifiable and seemingly its own entity. But there is no wave other than the water. Likewise there is no mind other than thoughts and appearances. For the next round of appearances, I will have a mother. For the last round of appearances I had a mother. For the last countless lives I have had mothers. Where are these mothers now? They are the living beings that appear to me today.

mumI thought about my family and visualised each of them clearly. I then thought ‘you are my mother.

I then thought about my Sangha, and thought ‘you are my mother’.

I thought of my work colleagues and thought ‘you are my mother’.

I thought of everyone I know and thought ‘you are my mother’.

I thought of all living beings and thought ‘you are my mother’.

I focused on all living beings and the recognition that they are my mother. They may have forgotten me, but I know who they are.

My mother.


May all living beings realise that their mothers are around them today.

Practice in the Meditation Break

You are my mother.