The purpose of this meditation is to remember the kindness of all mother sentient beings.

I began by making appropriate preparations for Lamrim meditation, and then settled into thinking about how kind all my mothers have been – and how kind the continue to be.

hugI thought of my friends and family, and my Sangha. It seemed to me that they were all helping me on the path to enlightenment. Furthermore, everyone that provides them with food, clothes and so on is helping them to help me. And so on – and so on. One way or another, every living beings is helping me on my journey. How kind they are!

I focused on this recognition of the kindness of others, and slowly I built up a strong feeling of being surrounded on all sides by kindness. Because I can transform adverse conditions, it does not matter what people do – I can always see them as kind.

I rested my attention on the feeling of being surrounded by kindness for the rest of the meditation.


May all living beings recognise the kindness of others, and be happy.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will remember how everyone is being kind to me, and ask myself – how is this person helping me? How kind they are!

Practical points:

If people are presenting problems, there are two ways to transform their actions into the path to enlightenment.

Firstly, we can remember that they are only acting in this way because of our own karma. It was inevitable that sooner or later someone would act in this way. If this person did not do it, someone else in the future definitely will. Therefore, we can regard their actions as simply the paying of a karmic debt. If we react with a peaceful mind, we do not create any negative karma, and the cycle comes to an end. It can also remind us of the law of karma, and the need to not create negative actions.

Secondly, we can remember that the person, their action and our self are all empty of inherent existence and are like illusions. How can an illusion experience unhappiness, and how can an illusion cause harm? We can use the experience to remind ourselves of the ultimate nature of reality, and relax our grasping at the experience.

We should also remember that we need to transform not only unpleasant experiences, but also pleasant ones. Tasty food and other pleasurable experiences are also simply karmic appearances and if we grasp onto them, they will simply prolong our stay in samsara. We need to transform pleasant conditions by reminding ourselves that they are the product of actions, and are empty of inherent existence. If we dedicate our transformation to the attainment of enlightenment, we are transforming pleasant conditions.