The purpose of this meditation is to generate the deep wish to become an enlightened being for the benefit of all.

Buddha ShakyamuniI began with the appropriate preparations for meditation and then settled my mind on my breath.

After a while I began thinking about Bodhichitta- the so-called ‘mind of enlightenment’. In fact it is the mind that wishes to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all other living beings, rather than the ‘mind of an enlightened being’.

What does it mean to wish to become a Buddha for the benefit of all? A Buddha has the actual power to help all living beings every moment of every day. At this point, all living beings are experiencing danger, fear and suffering, and they cannot find their way out of this cycle of suffering.

For me to become a Buddha, I need to do two things – I need to lift the veil of delusions from my mind, and then lift the veil of the imprints of delusions from my mind. Essentially I need to purify my mind of all delusions and their traces.

I liked this idea of my mind becoming purer and purer, and I focused on this. I contemplated:

For me to attain Buddhahood, I need to purify my mind. A pure mind perceives a pure environment, populated by pure beings; it perceives pure enjoyments and engages in pure actions. Although from their side, living beings will be suffering, I will perceive them as Buddhas, although I will understand that they experience the appearance of suffering and grasp at it, thereby making it real for them. For their sake, I will emanate whatever they need to help them on the spiritual path and gain the same exalted state.

I focused on this wish, and felt my mind becoming increasingly pure until it felt like all the delusions had disappeared, and everything was pure. It was wonderful and the highlight of the day 🙂


May all living beings experience mental peace and spiritual meaning.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember my main practice – purifying my mind by keeping it filled with love, compassion and wisdom.