The purpose of this meditation is to transform our mind into equanimity.

I began by making the appropriate preparations for meditation and then began the first of four rounds of meditation.

To get the first object and I imagined in front of me a group of people who I would consider to be my enemies. These are people who present problems and challenges in my everyday life. I contemplated: although these people present with problems today, in the past have been very kind to me. After thinking about this short while I found my dislike of these people reduce and become more friendly.

To get the second object of meditation I imagined to group for people in front of me who I consider to be friends. These are people whose company I crave and who make me excited when I’m around them. I contemplated: these people appear to be friends but in the past they have calls me many problems. After thinking about this for a short while I found my overexcitement and attachment reduce.

To get the third object of meditation I thought about the group of friends and a group of enemies and contemplated how similar they are. Some are being kind today while others were kind in the past. Some are giving me problems today while others gave me problems in the past. From their own side there is no difference between them. I thought about this for a short while and developed an extremely peaceful and balanced feeling towards them all.

To get my final object of meditation I imagined to a group of strangers in front of me. I feel no attachment and no hatred towards them. They have been both kind and unkind to me in the past. They will be both kind and unkind to me in the future. Essentially there is no difference between this group of people and groups of my former friends and my enemies.

I dwelt on the realisation equanimity: a beautiful peaceful feeling of warmth and friendliness towards each and every living being. It was completely beautiful.


Male beings have equanimity in their mind all the time.

Practice in the meditation break

I will try to remember my mind of equanimity and regard all living beings as equal.