The purpose of this meditation is to realise how kind of living beings are to me.

I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then began by thinking about the effect other people have on me in my everyday life.

Whenever I assist you with others I observe how to behave and I can see delusions and purity within their minds. When they are red-faced and shouting I can infer that they have anger in their minds. I can observe how they behave and the effects of their behaviour. They are giving me a practical demonstration of the harm caused by delusions and therefore they are very kind to me.

Furthermore my interactions with other living beings stimulate delusions in my own mind. By coming into contact with people who I find difficult, delusions such as the aversion are stimulated my mind. Without other people I may not experience these delusions and understand personally how harmful they are.

It seemed to me that every single living being is giving me an example to observe or creating an effect in my mind which is a learning experience.

On the basis of this contemplation I settled my mind on the object of remembering how kind each and every living being is.

I was filled with a feeling of deep appreciation – living beings will help me attain enlightenment by giving me the means to purify my own mind.


May all living beings appreciate the kindness of others.

Practice in the meditation break

When ever I associated with others I will observe them and draw lessons from the behaviour and their inferred mental states. I will develop a deep gratitude to all living beings for helping me on the path to enlightenment.