The purpose of this meditation is to generate a mind which recognises that all living beings are equal.

I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then began by remembering the contemplation which says:

Just like myself all living beings have one simple wish: to be happy. In the past they have been extremely kind to me and they continue to be kind to me. Finally, the happiness of all living beings is infinitely more important than my own personal happiness because I am only one person whereas other living beings are countless in number.

I contemplated these points and realised that normally I would consider my own happiness to be more important than the combined happiness of all other living beings. How ridiculous!

I thought about how everyone wants to be happy and in that they are the same as me and furthermore because they are countless the happiness of living beings is infinitely more important than my own.

Combined with remembering how kind living beings have been to me I became filled with a feeling of equality with other living beings.

Remembering how kind of the living beings have been made me interested in them. Remembering that they wish to be happy just like myself, made me empathise with them. And remembering that the happiness of others is infinitely more important than my own happiness had the effect of making me realise just how much more important I normally think I am over other living beings.

I contemplation of these points and was filled with a feeling of equality and concern for other living beings. I focused on the feeling as the object of my meditation.


May all living beings equalise their concern for their self with their concern for others.

Practice in the meditation break

When I meet others I will think “your happiness is just as important as my happiness”.