The purpose of this meditation is to generate a strong intention to help others.

I began by making appropriate preparations for meditation and then started by contemplating what it means in practical terms to cherish others and not ones self.

I decided that it boils down to looking at whoever I am with and asking ‘how can I help this person right now?’

Then I asked myself, what is the difference between this and a simple wish to be kind to others, which many people have?

The difference is in the context of our wish. As Kadam Lamrimpas we remember that all living beings have been extremely kind to us in the past, that they seek happiness just like us, that self-cherishing causes misery and that they, us and our situation lack any inherent existence at all. We combine these views and beliefs with our wish to help others right now, and this transforms our actions from simple kindness into the qualified path of the Bodhisattva.

I settled on the thought that combined all the above points, and developed a sincere and blissful intention to find ways to help the people I am with today. ‘How can I help this person?’


May all living beings find the qualified path through exchanging self with others.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to keep these recognitions alive in my mind:
– my mind is stable as a mountain
– my mind is still as the depths of an ocean
– this person has been so kind to me
– this person simply wants to find happiness
– self cherishing is a downward spiral of isolation and misery
– cherishing others is the path to freedom and happiness
– my self, this person and our surroundings are illusion-like phenomena, lacking inherent existence
– how can I help this person?