The purpose of this meditation is to generate an instinctive desire for all living beings to be free from suffering.

I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then reminded myself of the way living beings are very kind to me, and how my main wish is to cherish them. They are kind, they want happiness as badly as I do, and there are countless of them.

I am staying with my in-laws at the moment and their daughter, a brilliant 19 year old university student was looking through the Sunday papers yesterday. She found a section on world travel and talked of taking a long haul flight across the world. She talked about glacier hiking, beaches and excitement.

Although I envy her the opportunity she has (these are no idle dreams for her – she will do something like this for sure) I wondered why she wanted to go. No doubt the experience itself is the answer and the maturing effect it will have. But underneath that is a recognition that what she wants can’t be got here at home.

What is it she wants – what we all want: happiness, contentment, fulfilment. Can these be found in New Zealand or Lima? No. They place these things live is in our mind.

People work so hard to find happiness, but they are looking in the wrong place.

I thought of all the other kind living beings searching – searching for happiness in the wrong place.

I pondered this and developed a strong feeling of wishing them to be free from their suffering. When it was tangible, filling my awareness, I focused on it and tried my best to keep it as my object of meditation.


May all living beings find freedom from suffering.

Practice in the meditation break

I will build on yesterday’s practice and not only ask myself ‘how can I help this person’, but also ‘may this person be freed from their discontent and suffering’

Thanks for reading.