The purpose of this meditation is to recognise that our Spiritual Guide can make our lives meaningful.

I made the appropriate preparations for meditation and then brought to mind the benefits of relying upon a Spiritual Guide. The first of these is that by relying upon a Spiritual Guide we can solve all our problems and make our lives meaningful.

Geshe-la BlessingsI imagined my Spiritual Guide sitting in front of me, speaking to me. Every word he says is a teaching, and every teaching is a way of making my life meaningful. Since I wish my life to have meaning, it seemed very obvious to me in meditation that I need to receive as many teachings as possible from him. I need to read his words and I need to listen to his voice. I need to listen to the teachers he has trained. I felt a deep wish to be in his presence and to hear his teachings.

I focused on this wish as the object of my meditation, and I felt like my life was becoming more and more meaningful due to the actions of my Spiritual Guide and my strong wish to rely upon him.


May all living beings rely upon a qualified Spiritual Guide, and may their lives become meaningful.

Practice in the Meditation Break

I will try to remember everything my Spiritual Guide tells me, and remember my wish for a meaningful life.